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HI and Welcome! to our Ascend and Transcend program for teachers. Teaching is such a giving profession, and we need to be able to support ourselves in the best way possible. By working with the Arc of Transcendence (Choice, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance, and Transcendence), we will be able to transform our teaching experiences.

  • Ascend and Transcend for the Teacher was created with you in mind. Teaching is a very giving profession.  In order to get the most out of our teaching for ourselves and others, we must create spaces in which we give back to ourselves.
  • The intention of Ascend and Transcend for the Teacher is to provide a place for reflection and awareness regarding your successes in the classroom. 
  • Learning is not easy, thus, by extension, teaching, so linked to learning, is also not easy. 
  • Ascend and Transcend for the Teacher is not only designed for teachers, though. Throughout this reflection work, prompts are also provided regarding your students.  In this way, we are reminded that the work we do for ourselves has benefits for others.  
  • A teacher willing to take the same steps as the student on the journey of transformation is the noblest of teachers.  The Ascend and Transcend program enables a sharing of this journey.     

By working through the Arc of Transcendence, what are you seeking to transform relative to your experience as a teacher?

What do you expect your students will gain from your transformative work with the Arc of Transcendence?

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