Teaching – Ascend and Transcend Overview

Some have said that a teacher’s work is never done. In that statement, we see a reflection of the infinite cycle we live as teachers, the constant flux and flow between acts of teaching and learning. 

As teachers, we are constantly learning.  We grow in our understanding, our ability to perceive and respond, and our effectiveness as guides for the development of others.  At the same time, we shepherd our students through their transformations, as they learn to become teachers of themselves.   The gift of the teacher is to hold the space within these exchanges, allowing for the evolvement of both teacher and student. 

Every teacher serves as a placeholder, a touchstone, a point of stillness, by which others move and develop. 

Within your teaching experience, do you still see yourself as a student?  Why or why not?

How may you help your students understand that all teachers are students, as they continue to learn, and all students are teachers, as they learn to teach themselves?

Teaching as an Act of Transcendence

I will be starting an Ascend and Transcend series for teachers. For now, I would just like to introduce that idea that to be a teacher is to be involved in the act of transcendence.

I feel so many teachers (and others) overlook this aspect of teaching. For me, it reminds me of the sacred work that teaching is.