Death and Dying- Intro 1

The agreement between birth and death is set, whether we consciously carry this agreement in our awareness or not.  Within this initial agreement, we will often seek amendments and modifications.

If we can not disentangle the agreement between birth and death, then, we can at least, we reason, stave off death.  In this way, we feel a sense of control related to death.  Some will take this sense of control and be driven to make decisions they hope will prolong their lives.  Of course, others may attempt to modify the agreement between birth and death by making decisions in the opposite direction, ones that can potentially shorten lives.

What actions do you take, or witness other taking, in an attempt to modify the agreement between birth and death?

Welcome to Ascend and Transcend

Hi! I hope you enjoy this opportunity to explore the Ascend and Transcend program!

The Ascend and Transcend program was developed, initially, for use in the classroom with my college students. The Ascend and Transcend program is based on the Arc of Transcendence, which deals in a step-by-step fashion with the concepts of Choice, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance, and Transcendence.

Over the years, I found the Ascend and Transcend work was transforming the classroom experience for my students and myself. The more I got into this work, the more I could see applications across a number of issues. The Ascend and Transcend topics listed speak to the possibilities of this type of work to transform our lives.

I would love if you wanted participate in any or all of the Topic areas listed, as they are added over time.

If you would like more information, please see this Youtube introductory video: