Nature (coming soon)

For this version of Ascend and Transcend, we will use nature as a guide for our transformation.  We are all designed with a biological, social, emotional and psychological connection to the world. Yet, how many of us consistently feel a sense of union with the world we inhabit?   

Too many of us feel isolated and separated within ourselves and from the world around us.  Our first relationship to the world is through nature. By coming to understand this natural relationship, we facilitate the meaning of all other relationships. 

With this topic, we will again be using the steps along the Arc of Transcendence (Choice, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance, and Transcendence) to facilitate our understanding of ourselves and the world around us, specifically, that part of the world we identify as “nature”.

How do you think coming to an understanding of your relationship with nature may help other relationships you have in your life, including the relationship you have with yourself?



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