Employee (coming soon)

The employee/employer relationship can be one of the most challenging that we navigate. Please join me for Ascend and Transcend for the Employee to learn how you can use the Arc of Transcendence to transform your understanding and experience of this relationship.

Ascend and Transcend for the Employee was created with the intent to help you understand yourself, professionally and personally. It works equally well for the employee as it does the employer. One of the gifts of Ascend and Transcend for the Employee is that it asks us to become clear about what may be seeking from our employment and how we can best address our own needs relative to the work we do.

By using the steps of the Arc of Transcendence, we will explore how our Choices, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance, and Transcendence play out in our professional and personal lives. As our employment, depending on our circumstances can take up so much of our time, it is to our benefit to approach this undertaking with our greatest awareness.

So, for now, please reflect on the following:

If you could transform one thing about your work experience, what would it be? Why did you choose that one thing?

It is interesting to contemplate of all the things we could choose to change about our work experiences, we choose one specific item to change. What does that item mean for you?

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