Belief and Identity (coming soon)

  • The purpose of Ascend and Transcend for Belief and Identity is to create a space for discussion and reflection on how we, and others, are affected by our beliefs and identities and how, we in turn, affect the world through our beliefs and identities.    
  • Beliefs and identities are not the problem in and of themselves.  Problems only arise, when we do not bring awareness to these factors that drive so many of our behaviors. 
  • Ascend and Transcend for Belief and Identity is designed to help us to examine our beliefs and identities, for ourselves and others, not so we can determine if they are “right” or “wrong”, but rather so we can escape our reactive responses to these.
  • The Ascend and Transcend program focuses on the Arc of Transcendence: Choice, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance and Transcendence. 
  • The steps of the Arc of Transcendence are best approached through reflection.  As we stop to observe our thoughts and actions related to created beliefs and identities, we can come to know ourselves and our worlds with a bit more accuracy.    
  • As reflection is a central component of Ascend and Transcend for Belief and Identity, reflective prompts are placed throughout the book.  The only answer that matters is the one that resonates for you. 

For now, please reflect on the following:

Are the beliefs and identities you have about yourself important to you?  If so, what purpose are these beliefs and identities serving?

How important to you are the beliefs and identities you hold about others?  What purpose do your beliefs and identities, about a particular person or groups of people, serve?   



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