Closure – Classroom Ascend and Transcend for the Student

Gratitude will get you everywhere.  Gratitude is an act of transcendence.  Something new is created when we exchange our gifts with one another, both as giver and receiver.  I am grateful for the time, energy, and awareness you have given this program.

Being a student, in any situation, is no easy task, nor should it be. The classroom is an opportunity to engage with the energy of transcendence, which requires from each of us, our most honorable intentions.  But, there is much we may give this transcendent act of classroom engagement.  Within any classroom situation, we may give of the following:

We can give of our CHOICES.

We can give of our PRESENCE.

We can give of our AWARENESS.

We can give of our ASCENDANCE.

We can give of our TRANSCENDENCE.

All of these and more we can give in the classroom and beyond,

for transcendence is part of us.    

May your choices, presence, awareness, ascendance and transcendence reflect that you matter to you – in the most sacred and profound of ways.  In this state, may we forever remain the student as we strive to become the teacher.

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