Choice 1 – Classroom Ascend and Transcend for the Student

Most teachers have a clock and calendar in their heads, knowing the curriculum they want to cover in an academic time frame. You, as a student, also, have a clock and calendar in your mind, as to how you manage these expectations. You may also have a calculator in mind, as you determine how many points must be earned, or standards must be met, in order to earn the desired grade.

Both teachers and students may focus on these parameters and the choices required to fulfill them, because both teacher and student are seeking to create a particular experience.  The teacher wants to share the curriculum of the course, and the student wants to succeed.  The arc of connection between choices leading to the desired experience can become lost, however.  Students, and also teachers, can begin to make choices that move them further from the desired experience.  If you want to make effective choices in the classroom, you must become very clear about what experience you are seeking.      

What has brought you here – to this moment?What is your desired experience in the classroom? How are your choices leading you towards this experience?  How are your choices leading your from this desired experience

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