Intro 2 – Classroom – Ascend and Transcend for the Student

For the most part, everyone embarks on a journey through the classroom and coursework. Even if someone is home-schooled, learning goals and educational objectives are present.  Within the shared undertaking of education, stories and labels emerge. 

Stories evolve from ourselves about ourselves, as well as from others.  One student is the hero of his or her classroom narrative, overcoming a challenging examination to earn an “A”. Another student lives the story that he or she has never been good at school, and thus, will never succeed.  From these stories, labels appear, “smart”, “good at math”, “doesn’t have to try”, or “slow”, “can’t read well” and so on. 

Not only are the stories and labels a problem, but the stories and labels remain with a tenacity that may color a person’s self-perception for years.  Tenacity, not accuracy, tends to be the mark of these narratives. 

In the classroom environment, what stories and labels do you use about yourself? How long have these stories and labels been in use?

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