Transcendence 1- Belief and Identity

Transcendence emerges as beliefs and identities evolve.

Transcendence is the final step on the Arc of Transcendence.  Transcendence does not need to be considered only in the spiritual sense, but rather in the sense of overcoming limitations in such a way that a new state of Being is created.  Choice, Presence, Awareness, and Ascendance all contribute to the sense of Transcendence we may experience within our lives.  In Transcendence, we are asked to create aspects of ourselves and our lives anew, as we leave behind us those things that no longer serve us.  This new way of Being results from the decisions we make along with the greater perspectives we develop. 

What beliefs and identities about yourself must undergo Transcendence and transformation? Why did you choose these things? 

In regards to others, what beliefs and identities do you need to transcend if the world is to be a healthier and happier place? 

2 thoughts on “Transcendence 1- Belief and Identity

    • OH, Eliza, you are always so kind. These are just things I think about, because I think they cost us so much. We would be so much better served if we paused and reflected upon our beliefs and identities. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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