Ascendance 3- Belief and Identity

When we start to examine our beliefs and identities that we hold about ourselves and others, and they hold about us, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  Our first response may be to drop and eliminate all of our beliefs and identities immediately.  Such actions are not necessary, however.  Beliefs and identities are not necessarily right or wrong, but rather they need to be viewed and understood with the perspective of Ascendance.  Ascendance allows for us to see beliefs and identities for what they are, and how they may be transformed to better serve us and others.  You have actually been using the perspective of Ascendance throughout your life regarding your beliefs and identities.  You will see over time that your beliefs and identities have not been consistent, but rather they have transformed to meet your needs.

Looking back over your Life, what beliefs and identities about yourself have changed over time?  How has this helped you?

Over time, how have your beliefs and identities related to other changed?  How has this helped you and others?  

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