Presence 4- Belief and Identity

Your state of Presence in life must extend beyond any limitations imposed

by identities and beliefs. 

Presence, the second step on the Arc of Transcendence, is how we show up for our Lives.  The problem with beliefs and identities, though, is that they consume and define our Presence. Rather than living in freedom of Choice, we will expend an inordinate amount of effort using our Presence to fulfill our identities and associated beliefs, whether the identities are assigned by ourselves or by others. Beliefs and identities are like fires constantly looking for more fuel. The will require greater and greater energy, including the energy of creating and choosing a certain Presence, to be maintained. 

How much of your Presence in Life is consumed by fulfilling the identities and beliefs you hold about yourself?

Within your interactions with others, how much freedom do you provide for them for them to show up with their full Presence?  How much do you limit their Presence with your beliefs and identities?

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