Presence 3- Belief and Identity

One of the issues that can evolve from our beliefs and identities is that we use them to hide our Presence.  In a sense we decide to not be present, not because it is in our human nature to not show up, but rather our beliefs and identities tell us that we should remain hidden on some level or another. 

The problem is that life and living require our Presence. So, this shutting down, the hiding of one’s Presence does not work while we try to live full lives.  We only harm ourselves, and we deny the life around us, by removing our Presence from it.  Without our full Presence, we feel lost and disconnected. Often, we will misidentify this source of discomfort, blaming external factors, when, in actuality, we are suffering from our own limited Presence.  Life will always require our feel engagement and Presence, not the hiding behind our beliefs and identities.

Is it Life that is limiting you or is it your identities and beliefs that are limiting you?       

Think of a particular person or group of people.  Are they limited by Life or by the beliefs and identities others hold of them?    

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