Presence 2- Belief and Identity

The state of human nature is the ability to express our almost limitless potential.   Yet, we choose to limit this potential with our beliefs and identities.  As soon as we identify ourselves in one way, we, often by default, eliminate other possibilities of our potential.  Every time we have an identity we are also, often, identifying what we are not. 

Rather than embracing our potential and its limitlessness, we try to fit ourselves and others into prescribed roles and identities. We wonder why we are anxious, yet, so much of our anxiety has to do with working against our own nature.  We continue to deal with boundaries and limitations that do not touch upon our human-ness, and then wonder why we do not know how to show up with an integrated sense of Presence.        

How do the limitations of your beliefs and identities play into uncertainty and anxiety about your Presence in Life?   


How do the limitations of your beliefs and identities about others play a role in their uncertainty and anxiety about their state of Presence in life?  

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