Presence 1- Belief and Identity

Our identities and beliefs play a profound role in our Presence, or how we show up, for life.      

Presence is the second step on the Arc of Transcendence.  Choice, the first step shows us that we have possibilities from which to select.  Our state of Presence, the way in which we show up, is one such Choice we make.  Our state of Presence is highly influenced by the identities we hold within ourselves, and those that we project onto others. We show up in certain ways that are often defined and delineated by the beliefs attached to our identities.  Likewise, the state of Presence we allow others is often attached to the beliefs and identities we hold about them.         

How is your Presence, your state of Being, influenced by the beliefs and identities your hold about yourself, or the beliefs and identities others hold about you?

Do you project a certain state of Presence upon others based on the beliefs and identities you hold about them?

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