Choice 3 – Belief and Identity

Our lives result from the Choices we make.  Our identities and beliefs, however, may prevent us from seeing all the possible Choices available to us.

Identities and beliefs, about ourselves and others, can end up making us feel as if life is not unlimited, but instead, very restricted.   The reason this happens is that identities and beliefs take what is unknown, the possibilities of human potential, and constrain it.  Identities and beliefs are enacted as if they are the known and determined entities informing us that “things must be this way”, and “you are this way” with no possibility of being anything else.

Because of the beliefs and identities, you hold about yourself, what pathways in life are unavailable to you?

What pathways do you feel are not open to others, because of the identities and beliefs you hold about this person or group of people?

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