Intro 3- Belief and Identity

We all have identities and beliefs about ourselves and others.  These identities and beliefs permeate our lives on a level that most of us are unaware.  We use the identities and beliefs in such way, though, to address two needs. We want to be a part of something beyond ourselves, as we long for a sense of community.  At the same time, we want to be separate and unique. Our identities, for ourselves and others, are designed to address both of these aspects.  To be human is to deal with these seemingly discordant needs.    

This is the path of what it is to be human.  At the most basic of levels, we are all crafted from the same materials and driven by the same signals, yet, expressed in a strikingly unique pattern singular to each of us.  Our identities and beliefs have not created our uniqueness, as the human potential is much too broad to be so defined.   

If you were to give up your identities and beliefs about you, how would this change how you understand yourself?

If you were to give up the identities and beliefs you hold about others, how would this change how you understand them?   

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