Teaching – Ascendance 3

As teachers, we are expected to show up in ways that benefit all around us.  The expectations are numerous and multi-leveled for each student we teach, for the contributions we make to our institutions and our fields of study.  Within all the expectations, Ascendance provides us with a larger view and understanding that who we are, what we do, and how we do it matters.  With Ascendance, we see beyond the limitations to the possible actions that may benefit all.  The classroom is designed to be a space to push beyond limitations.  Ascendance provides a means by which to do this in a way that contributes to the “greatest good for all”, including us.     

Within your teaching experience, where are you most likely to employ Ascendance? Where do you find it difficult to utilize Ascendance?  

How can you help your students create an atmosphere in your classroom that is Ascendant in nature, in which they are more able to see beyond limitations? 

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