Teaching – Awareness 2

The first steps on the Arc of Transcendence, Choice and Presence, do not necessarily move us from our typical, rote reactions.  Unless, we bring Awareness into the picture, we can continue to choose mindlessly, and we can show up with a presence, which by default, is not helpful.  Awareness forces us to assess the manifestations we have created and the possibilities that remain.  Too much of the drama surrounding teaching manifests from our reactive responses rather than our aware reflections.  

In our teaching experiences, we must develop the capability to evaluate and terminate default behaviors that no longer serve our best interests.  Otherwise, we can too easily fall into embracing the comfort of past behaviors, whether they have been effective or not. 

Based on your Awareness of the outcomes you desire for your teaching experience, are your actions relative to these desired outcomes reactive or reflective in nature?

Would your students asses you as being more reactive or reflective relative to your teaching actions?  How can you help your students become more reflective rather than reactive in regards to their learning?

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