Teaching – Presence 4

Of course, the state of Presence you bring to your teaching experience is not only affected by others.  Our state of Presence is also susceptible to the interplay between what happens inside and outside the classroom.  We all experience situations outside the classroom that make having a successful Presence in the classroom more difficult.  On the reverse side, we have all encountered how circumstances in the classroom can, in turn, affect our Presence outside the classroom.  We are not solely defined by our careers as teachers, of course.  Our lives extend well beyond this singular role.  We will be best served, however, if we understand how the exchange between our lives inside and outside of teaching plays a role in our Presence.   

How do you let what happens outside the classroom influence your state of Presence in the classroom?  How do you let what happens in the classroom affect your state of Presence outside of the classroom?

How can you help your students understand, in their own experiences, how the interplay between what happens outside and inside the classroom may affect the Presence they bring to learning?

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