Teaching- Presence 3

Does how you teach matter?  More specifically, does how you teach matter to you?  Because, as teachers, we can get very caught up in the perceptions of others related to us and our teaching. In the form of evaluations, we hear every semester what students think about our teaching.  We also may undergo at least a yearly review and observation by supervisors and/or peers.  Within these acts of having others witnessing our work as teachers and providing their opinions and criticisms, we can develop a sense of disorientation related to our own evaluation and understanding of the work we do.  

No one can give you a sense of relevance, if you can not give it to yourself by noticing and embodying what matters most to you as a teacher.  You cannot go into your classroom experience without Presence and expect to then be able to effectively integrate and respond to any feedback you receive.  Having a solid Presence within your teaching will enable you to find the relevance in the teaching that matters most to you. 

What matters most to you relative to your teaching? How does your Presence reveal that this matters to you?

How do you reveal to your students what is most relevant to you in regards to your teaching?  What happens to students when a teacher shows up without a sense of relevance for this or her work?

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