Teaching- Choice 2

Within our teaching experiences, we are often most upset when we do not perceive any Choices available to us.  We may be told which courses to teach, when the course offerings will happen, and the format for these offerings. Of course, this can lead to frustration.  However, we may overlook the other end of the spectrum.  What to do when we confront ever increasing choices? 

These increasing Choices may revolve around different modalities, different course offerings, different course offering formats (digital or otherwise), variations in student preparation and expectations and so on.  How do we incorporate all of this into our sense of ourselves as teachers? If we allow it, a sense of overwhelm can appear.   One of the best ways to mitigate the problem of too many Choices is to become clear about what we are seeking in our teaching experience.  Having a wealth of options does not mean we must do and be everything. Rather, we are asked to bring our greatest wisdom in making those Choices that fulfill what we desire to create. 

Take a moment and consider the sheer number of Choices you make relative to your courses each term.  How do you best navigate all the choices and options available to you? 

Students also face a number of Choices within each course. How can you help them become aware of the number of Choices they are making and relate these Choices to what they are seeking?

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