Teaching- Choice 1

Choice is the first step on the Arc of Transcendence, because it is where we first begin to understand and exert our power in the world.  When we feel we are able to make the choices that are best suited to our success, we feel empowered.  On the other hand, we can feel powerless when situations arise in which we feel we have no Choice.  A feeling of powerlessness can be especially problematic for teachers, as so many are depending upon us.  We also confront the idea that if we feel powerless as teachers, how can we convey a sense of power to our students?

Although we may not always have the Choices we would prefer relative to our teaching, we always have the Choice of how we will respond and engage with whatever circumstances emerge. This sense of Choice is our power.

 What role does Choice play in the sense of empowerment (or disempowerment) in your teaching?   In turn, how does this affect the joy and effectiveness of your teaching?

Do you think students struggle to learn when they feel a teacher conveys a sense of powerlessness? How can you make Choices that demonstrate an awareness of the power of Choice to your students?

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