Teaching – Introduction 3

Teaching is a giving profession. We give of ourselves physically, intellectually, and emotionally, as we attempt to show up on all levels for all learners.   But as is true in any area of life, you can only give what you have.  You can not give anything to your students that is not part of you in the first place.  This can cause problems for us as teachers, as some may expect us to be everything to everyone.  Of course, this expectation is not only unreasonable, it is not even possible. 

On the other hand, we can not fool ourselves as teachers, acting as if we can give something that we do not have.  If you are not organized, how can you expect to give your students a sense of organization? If you do not know the curriculum, what do you expect your students to learn from you?  You must constantly evaluate yourself as a teacher, asking yourself, what it is you are seeking to give your students? And, then, you must be very clear if you have it to give.   

What is your greatest gift to your students?  What are some things you expect your students to have that you, yourself, are unable to give them?

What are some expectations students have about what you can give that exceed what is reasonable for you to give?  How can we make it clear to our students what are appropriate expectations in regards to our giving of ourselves as teachers?

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