Death and Dying Ascend and Transcend Overview

Welcome to Ascend and Transcend for Death and Dying.

Although this may seem to be a strange topic for our Ascend and Transcend work, in many ways, Death and Dying is one of our the most powerful teachers we will encounter in life. We will use our experiences with Death and Dying as we apply the steps of the Arc of Transcendence- Choice, Presence, Awareness, Ascendance, and Transcendence.

On the journey of life, we may believe our paths differ, and in some obvious ways, they do.  However in a most profound way, all of our paths converge to the same place, death and dying.  From the moment of our birth, we are all moving towards death. 

In many ways, our awareness of death and dying, and our shared experiences, can awaken within us a capacity for evaluating and understanding our lives and how we are living.  Perhaps our greatest teacher in how to live is the knowledge that life must, invariably, end. 

What is one thing that you think death has the desire to teach each of us?   

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